Friday, 8 April 2011

Things looking a little better!

The youngsters have returned slowly throughout the day and I currently have 18 in the loft with at least another 2 in the area. So a lot better than the 2 that were in last night. It means I am still missing 10 (8 with the 2 in the area). Still a lot to lose in one go but due to my own fault lucky to get away with that many! It has been a costly mistake and one I will not be making again.

The race birds were trained this evening from 26 miles and all home bar 1 hen. The hen I am missing is an unraced bird that returned 6 months late from a training toss and arrived at the loft in November! So no great worries if she does not return. The hens and cocks both went into the same section from racing tonight and they were buzzing around their partners for a few moments until separated. I hope to race a widowhood type system that fits in with my working schedule.

I have been to the corn store this afternoon and purchased the food that I aim to feed for the coming racing season and the birds have now started the feeding regime. I hope to get some excess weight off the birds in the next few days and hope the birds start to come into fine form ready for the race.

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