Wednesday, 27 April 2011

My race plan for this year's old birds!

This is the race programme I have decided to follow for this years old birds. As I only have 12 yearlings it is very adventurous but I hope to follow this as best as I can for this year. It gives me plenty of opportunities to fly in the biggest races in Wales and will test my birds to the full.

16th April - Swindon 76 miles, (Rhondda Valley Fed)
23rd April - Newbury 97 miles, (Rhondda Valley Fed)
30th April - Guildford 131 miles, (Rhondda Valley Fed)
7th May - Maidstone 176 miles, (Welsh National Flying Club)
14th May - Folkstone 200 miles, (Welsh National Flying Club)
21st May - Carantan ? miles, (Welsh South Road National)
28th May - Lilliers 272 miles, (Welsh National Flying Club)
4th June - Messac ? miles, (Welsh South Road National)
11th June - Liege 399 miles, (Welsh National Flying Club)
17th June - Reims 378 miles, (Rhondda Valley Fed) or 18th June - Cholet ? miles, (Welsh South Road National)
24th June - Newbury 97 miles, (Rhondda Valley Fed)
1st July - Pont a Mousson 460 miles, (Rhondda Valley Fed) or 2nd July - Niort (Welsh South Road National) ? miles.

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