Saturday, 16 April 2011

Cracking Race!

What a good first race for the season! I had 10 birds return within 15 minutes, with the first 3 being my pooled birds. My first 4 were clocked within 2 minutes of each other! I am missing 1 at present, an unraced late bred cock. I hope he will work back in the next few hours. I have a feeling as predicted I will be behind by around 10 minutes this week and that is something I have come to expect being in the location where I am from these shorter races with the club members a full 20 miles south of me. But this result has given me great optimism for the longer races which are to come! I can not wait now for the distance to get to around the 160 miles stage! I am off to the club shortly so will let you know the result when I return later.
Another bonus from today was the return of a hen lost in training last week. She is in great nick, so guessing she has been in somewhere.

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