Saturday, 23 April 2011

Bit further behind than I would have liked!

Just returned from the knock off and the birds were a little slower than I would have liked. With the overfly taken off I was 9 minutes behind the winner. I would have preferred to be around the 5 minute mark but that is the way it goes. Still I am looking forward to the Maidstone race in 2 weeks time. I will be sending to the National that week with the Welsh North Road Federation. So will possibly have 2 races that week as the Rhondda Valley will be at Newbury again. I have joined this National to have more races at the distances my birds will realistically have a chance in.
So next week will be back to work with the birds exercising and training in preparation for the Guildford race on Saturday. All 10 birds are home from today so that is 2 races down and no lost pigeons which I am very pleased about. I will try one or two things different now this week and hope to get that bit extra out of the birds next race.

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