Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Starting to be a little happier!

Waking up this morning and walking to the loft was chuffed to see both the missing birds that were attacked by the Peregrine in last evenings training toss. My brother also had 1 back but has dropped one.

The birds were taken training again tonight from 26 miles and all returned home with the exception of 1 cock. They trapped very well with all landing directly on the loft and trapping within 9 seconds without anyone there to call them in.

Also on entering the loft from training found one of the missing 8 youngsters inside with a big hole in chest. So hopefully he will be on the mend soon. That leaves me 7 down from 4 days ago, so getting better all the time!

I am planning on training again tomorrow, again from 26 miles. The weather forecast is not the best but as long as the visibility is good they will go. Will update after training!

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