Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Training went well

Had the 1 cock that I was missing yesterday back on the loft this morning. He looks as if he has taken a bump so has been fed and will now be left to rest and recoup in the next few days. Took the birds again to 26 miles tonight and the weather was awful. Low cloud, light rain and generally very poor. Felt they needed the toss and decided to go no matter what. My 12 and my brothers 3 were liberated together with all making it home except my brothers mealy cock. I am hoping he gets it back come tomorrow.

I will be hoping to train again tomorrow and they will again go from 26 miles. In the past I have moved them further down the road, but this year I have decided to keep them to the 26 miles spot and have them very familiar with this area. Just 3 days to go until race day!!!

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