Thursday, 21 April 2011


The build up to this weeks race has increased nicely the last few days. First the race birds went 27 miles on Wednesday and come in good time (31 minutes / 1404 ypm). They again went today from 27 miles but came back split up quite badly but the first birds were still home in 29 minutes / 1597 ypm) I had one hen return a few hours late, with the other coming in 1's, 2's and 3's.
I am planning to train again tomorrow morning (27 miles) and the birds will then be fed by 10am in readiness for the race from Newbury (97 miles) on Saturday. The wind is looking great for me at the moment and I am hoping to be really close on the result sheet. I believe I still need a greater distance to really challenge for the top honors but if the birds live up to the way they are training and handling then I am expecting a big performance. I think my hens will be my first birds again this week as they are still way ahead in terms of condition and form compared to my cocks.

The youngsters have been out the last few days and I have now got every youngster that is weaned off out flying and trapping. 36 in total. I did lose one of the whites I had purchased but the other 11 are all back in safe. I have 10 youngsters in the nest that will be weaned off in the next week or so and I have eggs hatching again tonight. I have decided the eggs that I have there now will be my last I take this year. I am hoping I will have a team of around 60 to start training with.

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