Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Another bad one

I decided to take advantage of the fine weather this afternoon and trained the birds from 26 miles. I took 17 in total and my brother took 5. The birds were once again all over the place returning and currently I am missing 4 and he is missing 2. I feel this season is going to be extremely tough with the hawks. I am going to train again tomorrow from the same place and hope they come through unscathed. Fingers crossed. In the 3 training tosses to date I have lost/missing 8 birds. 7 of these are untrained late breds with 1 experienced racer also missing. I know I have skipped and thrown the late breds in at the deep end but with time ticking to the first race its a case of having to and I think if they come they do and if they don't too bad.

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