Thursday, 28 April 2011

And again!

I had the 2 missing birds waiting on the loft at 7am this morning. They had a little to eat and they along with the 10 other race birds were basketed and trained from 27 miles again. I have pumped the food into them this week as I felt they had become to hungry. This showed in the time they took to return from todays trainer! I will cut the food back down a bit now they have restored their supplies! I am missing one bird and hopefully he will return later. He is the one that knocked himself on the wires yesterday but as it was only a scratch felt confident to send him again today.
This weeks race from Guildford (131 miles) has been put back to Sunday due to the better weather forecast for this day. It is quite welcome as will give me an extra 24 hours to prepare the birds for the race.

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