Monday, 11 April 2011

Worst week ever in pigeons!

This week has been one disaster after another and I have never had a week like this in all the years I have kept pigeons! First was the 28 youngsters that got spooked by a sparrowhawk and lost 8 off the loft. Then I lost a race hen killed by a sparrowhawk at the back of my loft trying to lure the youngsters back to the loft. Now tonight my brother and I trained 13 of mine and 4 of his and 2 peregrines dived all through them, it was like a firework going off, with birds landing in trees and one diving into woodland with the peregrine diving right behind him. On return to the loft 10 of the 13 of mine were home and my brother had 0 from 4. 15 minutes later, he is still down 2 and myself down 2! I will be glad to see the end of this week!

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