Friday, 15 April 2011

Training completed!

The birds were given their final training toss at 9am this morning before the first race tomorrow. The weather conditions were dreadful with thick low cloud covering everything at the liberation site, 26 miles away. However, I was pleased on returning to the loft that all 11 that were trained were safely bak in the loft on my return. Playing back the video of the toss, the birds trapped well with the time 9 minutes slower than yesterday but given the conditions today I am very pleased with that. The bird have now been fed and will be paired up later this afternoon prior to basketing for tomorrows race. They are in great nick and I am pleased with the way things have gone this week since the hawk strikes I suffered on Monday's toss. I have not had the hen that was lost in yesterdays toss return so I will have 11 to go to the race tonight, with 1 cock still on the mend from the hawk strike training toss on Monday. Tomorrows race - I am optimistic the birds will come well but given the location of my loft I feel it is impossible to win the race or be competitive enough to be in the mix for cards. I will settle for good returns and fully expect to be around 10 minutes behind the club winner. These shorter races I have learned over the last few years are basically training tosses for my birds and my season will be begin in 3-4 weeks when the birds are at the 160 miles stage (Maidstone). It is from here that I can realistically expect to be in the mix for club honours. Good luck to all that are racing tomorrow and I hope you all have a good race!

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