Thursday, 28 April 2011

'Rasbull Injury Prone'

This cock returned after hitting wires as a youngster and on return to the loft was then attacked by a cat! He survived and heeled and had one race as a youngster! This year he has matured and was starting to look the part. He raced the first week and was one of the last birds back for me and then in his second race he was 2nd bird home. Great things expected as he is out of my No.1 Stock hen. Then the curse strikes again with him hitting wires yesterday from training and grazing the front of his chest. Thought he would be ok so sent him training again today only for him to return at 8pm with an even bigger hole in his chest, cut to his wing, half his wing missing and looking very sorry himself after what looks like a hawk strike! So this is the 4th injury he has picked up and he has managed 3 races in total! I will leave him heel up now and he take as long as he needs. His season is over and hopefully he will mature into an even better 2 year old cock!

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