Friday, 8 April 2011

A major mistake

It was a quiet evening last night and the hens had just landed so I thought I would take the time to get my youngsters out for the first time. I haven't spent any time with them other than getting them used to the corn tin. I let out 25 and after 3-4 minutes of them being out a sparrowhawk appeared over the top of the loft. I dont think he attacked them just passing but spooked the youngsters that were in the garden and on the loft. By nightfall I had only got 2 back in with 22 spending a night out of the loft. This morning the youngsters appear to be scattered everywhere with some on house roofs upto 5 streets away. I can only count 13 so that leaves 10 missing or that I can't see. I have had the race hens out since 7am to attract them back to the loft but this has not worked up to now. At present I have 6 sitting on my house roof with the other 7 all over the place. I left it too late to get them out and they were way to strong when I finally did. I have to just keep my fingers crossed they return over the next few days.

The race birds are going to be trained later this afternoon for their 4th toss, which will be from 26 miles. I hope to get these trained up everyday and make the most of this lovely weather. Will keep you posted on the young bird team but as things stand at present that is one hell of a blow to my coming season!

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