Sunday, 1 May 2011

Very pleased with that!

The birds were liberated at 7.30am and my first bird arrived at 9.50pm recording a velocity of 1634ypm. I have had 8 from 9 and judging by the times will be about 6-7 minutes behind the club winner. Given the wind that we had today I am totally over the moon with that result! I was expecting them to be quite a bit further behind with the East wind with some North in it. To be that close given those conditions bodes well for the races in the coming weeks.
I have now paired the birds up and they will be left together to go down on eggs. I hope I have timed it right that they will be ok for next Saturdays National race. I am keeping my all my fingers crossed that the wind is in my favour for next week and I fully expect a big, big performance from them!

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