Monday, 9 May 2011

Bridge too far!

In hindsight this National race was a bridge too far! Considering the birds arrived home yesterday at 2.20pm from a 100 mile race and then were re-basketed at 6pm for todays race from 177 miles it was asking too much. The birds were liberated at 7am with my first arriving at 10.39am recording a velocity of 1417ypm. No disgrace but on return the birds are looking very tired. I am unaware of the times in the National as yet but expecting to be quite a bit behind. However, I am going to take plenty of positives from this though. I have had 7 from 8 so once again very good returns and hoping to get the last cock bird later today and the birds fitness will have improved as a result of this race. They are going to be rested tomorrow and hopefully the hens will lay their eggs. I am yet undecided which race I will enter next week with Maidstone (177 miles) in the club and Folkstone (200 miles) in the National my two options. It will depend on the condition of the hens regarding eggs and also the wind conditions.
***Update**** The one remaining bird has returned so I now have 100% returns.

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