Sunday, 15 May 2011

Late comer!

The one bird I was missing rocked up tonight at 9pm! Very pleased he has returned so that is just one bird missing from 6 races having flown 177 miles twice! That is excellent returns by anyones standards and all yearlings as well. I think including the fed win that is the most pleasing thing I have taken from this season so far. They really did have a thorough grounding as youngsters and were pushed out to 200 miles and I think that had stood them in good stead for this season.

2 of the 4 race hens have laid eggs tonight and that is fantastic news and unless they laid in the basket on friday night will be sitting 2 eggs come basketing for next weeks race. I am under some pressure to ensure the other 2 hens lay tomorrow night as they will then lay again wednesday night just in time for the race. Should they not lay I will have to make a decision regarding them and they could well be left out of the race team for the coming week.

I have looked at the weather and wind forecasts for this coming week and I have decided that I will be entering the Welsh South Road National race from Carentan. I have not had my distances for this race through as yet but looking on Google Earth it appears to be around the 205 miles mark to me. This will be the hardest race the team have flown to date as it will be around the same distance they flew as youngsters but this will be in a totally different direction and they will also have to cross the English Channel. I am wary of this and have been a little uncertain as what to do but if you do not try you will never know!

I plan to give the birds rest this week as they have put in so much effort the last 2 weeks. They will be rested in the loft and allowed to lay the eggs and enjoy each others company. I plan a few things later in the week to boost motivation and the basketing for this race will take place a day earlier on the Thursday.

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