Thursday, 12 May 2011

Back to work!

Although I have been celebrating the fed win, I have ensured the standards haven't slipped this week with regard the work the birds have put in. They have had an excellent weeks work and I have to say they are the best I have ever had pigeons at this present time. They raced 97 miles on Sunday, 177 miles on Monday, loft flew 1hr 20 minutes Tuesday, 1hr 20 minutes Wednesday and they have put in another 1hr this evening. So they are super fit at present.

The weather for this week is terrible for me and I will struggle to be amongst the cards in the club let alone the fed as there is a strong WNW wind forecast and that therefore spells the end of my chances. However, the birds will still race and keep improving on their experience and fitness in readiness for the longer races and a south wind! I am unsure how many I will be sending this week at present as my hens are still due to lay eggs. So it will be matter of waiting and seeing what tomorrow evening brings come basketing time.
On the plus side 3 of the 4 on the injured list are now back exercising around the loft and I will be looking to get them into the next Newbury race (97 miles). One of these has raced while the other 2 are latebreds and will be having their first race. So looking forward to seeing how these 3 do. That will leave me just 'Rasbull Injury Prone' in the medical room and he is recovering nicely but will only be catching the last few races of the season.

The youngsters are doing very well and I have 43 weaned off with another 17 now in the nest. The stock birds are starting to lay again and I have 8 eggs at present.

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