Thursday, 19 May 2011

Thats that then!

Well in the end my mind was made up for me as the marking for the South Road National meant it was impossible for me to attend as I don't drive. So that leaves the 8 race birds all going to Folkestone for the Welsh South East Combine tomorrow night. I am not too disappointed as the wind is in my favour.
The birds have had a very easy week and I am hoping this doesn't come back to bite me! They have been out of the loft just twice this week. For 10 minutes yesterday evening and for half hour this evening. The main reason for this is they have worked extremely hard since the beginning of April, so for 6 weeks they put in huge efforts. I thought they deserved a good rest and recharge of the batteries before the longer races start. This week was the only chance I had really as after this week its into France and I want them on song for the coming weeks. So we will have to wait to see if the lack of work has been a blessing or a hindrance.
For any Welsh fanciers reading this who are going to be in the Combine race, Tenny Tipper is planning on publishing early times on the website so fanciers have some idea how they have done quite early on after the birds have arrived. Anyone wanting to have a look or publish their own times then feel free to make a post on the forum. There will be a section put up on the day under the Early Times Folkestone heading. Good luck to all in the race!

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