Saturday, 28 May 2011

How lucky was that?

I think I made the right choice in terms of which race I sent to this week! I picked this race last minute over the Lilliers race. How lucky did that turn out to be when the Lilliers race saw huge losses with my mate who has topped the fed this year and won 4 from 6 races in the club having only 4 from 28! Others all over South Wales reporting similar returns. Lucky escape I think as a race like that could have seen me wiped out for the rest of this season!

The birds at Newbury have been held and looking for a liberation this afternoon. The weather is due to clear a bit and I think they will go around 3pm or thereabouts. I have therefore dropped a clanger with the feeding for this race as I was expecting an early liberation. The wind is more West than South and therefore expect to be a bit behind. I will settle for 10 from 11 home today as one hen that I picked up 3 weeks ago I really can't see returning but I guess you never know!

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