Wednesday, 25 May 2011

This weeks race

Just had confirmation that the loft report has now been published on the Rhondda Valley federation website following the federation win from Newbury.
It has been back to work this week at the lofts with the birds back to daily exercise of 1 hour at a time and tonight was the best work they have put in for a while. I am as yet undecided if the main race team of 8 will go to the Welsh National race from Lilliers (270 miles) tomorrow night or send them with the other 3 race birds to the Federation race from Newbury. I have checked the weather forecast and not convinced either way as neither really suit the loft location. I am tempted to put them into the Lilliers race as these are the types of races I want to do well in and this will be the first race over the water apart from one race in 2009 when I sent a hen to 378 miles but she failed to return. However, part of me is thinking to send them to the short one (97 miles) and then put them into Lilliers next week with the Federation. I will have a think tonight and make a decision early tomorrow and go from there.
The youngsters out flying are now growing in numbers and I currently have 43 that are going out regularly and flying well. I will be weaning another 13-14 in the next week or so and that will be the first team for this years young bird racing sorted. The remaining rounds will then form a 2nd team and will be let out separately so not to interfere with the 1st team and there progress.

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