Thursday, 26 May 2011

Race decided

This week I have decided to send to the Federation race to Newbury (97 miles). The wind is not quite as I had hoped but better than it is for the Lilliers race. I will be sending the 8 regular race birds with 3 new ones being reintroduced to the team. These are '39' a latebred cock that was sent to the first race but was then injured the following week in training. '14412' is a cracking blue pied cock that was bred by my brother and gifted to me as a latebred. I have high hopes for this cock as he is exercising around the loft better than any bird I own. He will be having his first race as he was struck by a hawk and returned injured just prior to the first race of the season. The last one is another latebred that I picked up 3 weeks ago from Maesteg after a hawk strike in training. I must admit I do not out much hope for her to return but she has to go. That will be 11 birds in the race this week for me with just one then left at home on the injured list. 'Rasbull Injury Prone' is making good progress from his latest injury and went out of the loft for the first time in a month yesterday and hopefully we can get him right for one of the Newbury races in a few weeks time. The weather is still looking a bit dodgy but the fed have just informed members that they are still planning on basketing as normal with an expected race on Saturday. I will update again on Saturday following the race. Good luck to all those racing.

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