Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Hard to make up my mind!

This week I have been observing the weather forecast all week. The beginning of the week it was looking like a poor wind forecast for the Welsh South East Combine race for Folkestone so I decided that the birds would go to the South Road National race from Carentan.
However as the week has progressed the wind has become perfect for my location from both race points with a South wind forecast nearer the home end from both race points! I have struggled to determine which not to send to and think it would be criminal to miss out on either given the wind forecast.
I have therefore decided to send to both races and split the race team into 2 teams of 4 pigeons. The Folkestone team will be headed by the fed winning hen who is now sitting eggs. The Carentan team will be headed by a cock bird who was the first arrival home from the National and also my 2nd bird last week. My leading hen in the loft championship still has not laid eggs so will go to the Folkestone race as she will only have one night in the basket instead of 2 if sent to Carentan. The only thing that will change this plan now is if the wind changes, if the basketing time for the Carentan race leaves it impossible to attend or if either of the 2 remaining race hens lay in the next two days.
I will update tomorrow night to confirm what has actually happened but this is the best plan I have come up with to date! hehehe

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