Saturday, 21 May 2011

It'll be back to work this week!

The rest I gave the birds has not worked out really the way I planned. Todays race I was behind from Folkestone (200 miles). The leading birds in the club were around 10.25 and I was clocking around 10.49am so with the overfly around 19 minutes behind which is just not good enough!
The birds have had their rest now and from tomorrow will be back to work to correct things. I have had 6 from 7 so far. I kept one back as he has damaged his flights when checking at basketing last night. The one I am missing is the Fed winner, typical! Hopefully she will return later today. My first bird home was the one that returned a day late last week at 9pm on the Sunday night!
They will be put through their paces now this week in readiness for next weeks race. I am disappointed with the result today but then having rested them last week was unsure of what to expect. So back to drawing board!
**Phew, panic over, the fed winner has arrived and now all home so thats 7 races, 3 from over 177-200 miles and only lost 1 bird, so very pleased with returns just need to flap there wings a bit faster now! hehehe**

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