Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Fantastic Preparation

The race birds are now paired up and they have been out exercising with the young birds every day. They are putting in 1 hours worth of work in the afternoon and another 30 minutes in the evening. They really have improved their fitness this week and now you can see the race birds loving it as much as the youngsters.
The weather for the weekend is a concern. There is a bad forecast for Saturday and equally as bad on Sunday. It is quite frustrating as the wind forecast is absolutely perfect for my location with a 19mph south wind forecast!
I picked up a latebred from Maesteg last night and this pigeon was lost in one of the first training tosses of the season. I will allow her to settle back to the loft and then enter her into the comback races at the end of the season along with the 3 birds that are currently on the injured list.
I will update this as soon I find out what is happening with this weeks National race from Maidstone.

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