Saturday, 14 May 2011

Wow that was tough!

The birds at Maidstone were liberated at 6.30am and based on the time my birds flew last week in the National expected them to be slightly slower today due to the wind. I waited and waited and waited and nothing! My first bird arrived 11.10am after 4hrs, 40 mins! On phoning around it seems like a shocking race with other club members reporting 2 from 17, 7 from 20 and 2 from 14! The best club time is 10.44am which puts me around 20 minutes behind, a little further than I thought today but as I said yesterday with todays wind I was always going to be struggling. I have now had 5 from 8 and hoping for the other 3 to arrive but they will have been flying 6hrs already!

Looking forward the birds will now be rested today and tomorrow and start exercising again come Monday. I am missing 2 cocks and 1 hen from todays race. My first bird was the Fed winner from last week and my second bird was my 1st pigeon I timed in last weeks National race.

**Update - now missing just one cock from todays race so very happy with the returns once again!**

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