Saturday, 25 June 2011

Todays Race

Today's race from Newbury (97 miles) turned out to be a slow one! The birds were finally liberated due to poor weather at 3.30pm. There was quite a strong head wind. My first bird arrived at 6.04 but would not trap for love or money! He hit the loft but then proceeded to fly onto the house roof and drink from the gutter. Not impressed at all! He finally clocked at 6.09pm. I thought I would be way behind with that time but the early times in the federation are showing birds being clocked from 5.44pm onwards and they are mostly fanciers who have to give me 7-8 miles overfly. Still behind but not as bad as I first thought! I ended up sending 6 to the race and at present have had 4. I am now going to prepare 3 of them for the 'big one' from Reims (378 miles). They are basketing on Wednesday for a Friday race. All 3 of the birds intended to go to Reims have flown Lilliers (278 miles) earlier this season and were my first 3 birds back today. So fingers crossed they can put up a good performance.
A special mention to my brother Neil having his first Old bird season. He started the first race with just 1 bird and 11 races later still has him left having flown 279 miles! An outstanding performance and he was even in the clock before me today! Well done Neil. Hope you get him from Reims next week!
**Update - The latebred hen that was picked up in Maesteg 5 or 6 weeks ago has just returned, so pleased with that as she has had to work back on her own something she failed to do when she was lost weeks ago. Just one more to come now - 'Rasbull Injury Prone' who will no doubt drop through the trap half dead having been hawked, attacked by a cat, run over, half eaten by a cow and hit the wires on his journey home! hehehe'

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