Friday, 3 June 2011

Busy Day!

It has been a busy day here trying to sort out the webcams etc. I have 4 cameras in total and 3 are now installed in permanent positions within the loft. The 4th (outside loft) has been setup for now but I will look to find it a permanent home tomorrow. The glare of the sun is causing me some difficulties but hopefully will find a solution tomorrow!

Just having a count up of the youngsters and I now have 55 weaned off, 13 in the nest and 12 eggs. That will total 80 if all hatching. I think that will now conclude the breeding for this season with anything that is laid now being discarded.

The weather has been so hot today and if the birds have this heat to contend with tomorrow as well as the strong north wind it is going to be an extreme test for the race birds at Lilliers (272 miles). I am expecting an early liberation and around a 7hr flight time so if they go at 6am they are going to be due around 1pm. I will have the camera up and running to record the birds as they arrive home! Good luck to all that are racing!

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