Friday, 24 June 2011

Change of plan!

The Rhonnda Valley Federation has just announced the race for next week will now be from Reims (378 miles) due to the fact they had to be brought back last week to 200 miles due to bad weather! The race was set to be from Pont A Mousson around 465 miles. But having to therefore jump nearly 200 miles from the previous furthest race from Lilliers they have again attempted to race from Reims. This has worked out perfectly for myself. I wasn't going to send next week due to the jump but now it has been brought back I am planning on sending the lot. I didn't really want to carry over pigeons that had not done anything for me and this will now give me the chance to test them a little. Anything that comes back will earn his/her perch for the winter.
I will be basketing the birds for tomorrow now in the next hour and I am going to be sending 5 or 6. I have a feeling one of the cocks is missing his end flights so I will have a look at him when basketing.

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