Friday, 10 June 2011

Race Day Again!

This week seems to have flown! The birds have been exercising around the loft since the last week and have been flying for up to a hour and half each evening. I decided after the Lilliers race that I was going to put the birds back on widowhood and sure enough come Monday they were parted from their mates. I have kept them apart all week. This has meant that I have sacrificed racing the hens this week. I have 5 cocks in the loft and I had one reported in Western Super Mare so he has been picked up to take me back up to 6. This weeks race is from Newbury (97 miles) and I have put in the 5 cocks only. I have kept back the one that was picked up as well as the 2 race hens. There were 121 birds sent in the club tonight. I have been hoping all week for a South wind but this has not happened and a West wind is forecast. I hope the birds will be slightly closer tomorrow but I fear with the wind they will again be 10-15 minutes behind. I will update tomorrow after the race.

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