Thursday, 23 June 2011

Looking towards the young bird season!

Exercising has gone very well around the loft this week with the birds putting in a full hours work in the evenings. I will be sending 6 to this weeks race from Newbury (97 miles) with just one held back due to recovering from being lost. My main concentration has now turned to the youngsters and I have 47 out flying for the hour. I had a count up the other night and found I was 4 or 5 down from what was in the loft so whether these have been taken by a hawk or gone off on their own accord I dont know. But I will work with the 47 I have left now. I have another 19 in the nest and another round of eggs and this second batch will be put into another loft so as not to hold the 1st team back. I aim to loft fly the youngsters now regularly each evening up to the middle of July and then start the road training around the 20th July in readiness for the first race on either 6th or 13th August (probably the 13th as this will give me another full week to get the birds spot on!)

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