Saturday, 11 June 2011

Biggest disappointment of the season so far!

Today's race proved to be a big disaster! I have had 3 from 5 but they were way behind and I am very disappointed in them. I am missing 'Rasbull Injury Prone' - the cock who has had 3 races in 2 years and come back injured each time. I am also missing a Mealy cock that was having his first race since damaging his flights.
I have a few ideas to what has gone wrong and I have already started to address these issues. The first thing I have decided is the race from Reims (378 miles) and the target race pre season has been scrapped! I will not be sending and the birds will undertake a regime to get them back into action ready for the following weeks race from Newbury (97 miles).
I will update later in the week with an update on how things are progressing!

**'Rasbull Injury Prone' is back and what more he has no injuries! I am amazed to be honest hehehe!'

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