Sunday, 25 July 2010

Training went well

The weather has been kind today so made the most of it with 2 traning tosses with my brother Neil. We basketed up 32 of mine and 28 of his this morning and went 16 miles. It was the furthest they have been since the smash I had last Monday. (The only other time they been to this distance.) The birds were liberated and cleared immediately and beat us home all arriving safe and sound. They had the afternoon to rest and then we decided to basket them back up for a toss from 27 miles! With racing in 2 weeks time, this was a gamble and one ideally we would not have taken with the birds only having 6 from 6 miles, and 2 from 16 miles. They were liberated together but on this occasion we beat them home and they arrived shortly after. I was 3 down but 1 returned about an hour later. All in all, a good day with good training being accomplished. Hopefully we can really push them on now this week in the hope of making the race from Swindon on Saturday.

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