Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Bad Weather & Young Bird Sickness

The last few days has seen the weather being very unpredictable. Training has not been possible over the last few days. To date they have had 4 training tosses from 6 miles and every time have come quicker than the previous.
I have noticed that one or two of the birds were retaining corn and believe it was the start of the dreaded young bird sickness that nearly all lofts seem to encounter this time of year. The birds were treated and are looking and digesting there food a lot better now.
I am hoping for the weather to improve significantly as the first race I am planning to send to is just over 2 weeks away. I am going to have to push them hard in training if they are to be ready for this date. I have another week if required up my sleeve, but that will then push my first race out to 97 miles and would be the 4th club race of the season.
The training has been kept to 6 miles so far and a few more at the distance will then see them increased to 14 miles. After they are coming well from here, they will then go to 27 miles and I will concentrate on getting them coming like rockets from here. I will give them 1 or 2 at the 45 mile stage but time is against me (and at the moment so is the weather!)
However, I am in no rush and will not enter the youngsters unless they have had the correct training and education and I feel they will do the business.
Once training has started every bird in the loft will be expected to fly Folkstone (200 miles) and then the majority will be put by for next year. I will select a few that will then go over the water to Lillers (272 miles). Can't wait now.

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