Thursday, 29 July 2010

Another one under their belts

The 26 strong young bird team were basketed up for their 7th toss in 5 days and taken to Shirenewton (35miles). They all come home together in a group and trapped with no problem. They have been fed some small trapping seed and in an hour and half will be basketed agin and taken 18 miles to Blaenavon for another. This time they will be liberated with 2 other batches of birds and we will see how they deal with this. These birds are going to be super fit and fine tuned come racing but I realise there is a thin line between this and burn out. However, I believe I know their limits and will take it day by day and just hope I get it right. I need to give them every chance of coming on race days and I see this as the only answer with the time scale I have to work with. I will update this about 8.45pm when the birds have successfully returned. Wish me luck!

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