Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Good toss tonight!

We had 1 bird back from yesterdays toss so that gave us 27 out of 31. The little blue hen will now join the latebred team and will be fully trained up later in the year. The remaining 26 were basketed up and taken to Shirenewton (35 miles) this afternoon. They were liberated into a strong head wind at 5.05pm and returned home at 5.55pm so taking 50 minutes for the journey. I was very pleased considering it was their first time there, furthest they have been and into a strong head wind. I had 20 come in a bunch, then 1 minute later 5 and finally 1 which about 10 minutes behind. They will go again tomorrow from the same place and then after that toss will decide who if any will go to the Swindon (76 miles) race on Saturday. I would ideally have liked another week to get them fine tuned ready for racing. I still have a number of things I need to do to prepare them fully. Until these are complete I will not risk the whole team, so it looks like I will select 4 or 5 to race this week and get these extra things complete in readiness for the Newbury race (97 miles) in 10 days time.

The Europa birds were trained again today from 40 miles and the syndicate birds scored 174th, 363rd and 988th. The first two were clocked within 90 seconds of the winner with the 3rd bird about 14 minutes behind so he had better start to pull his socks up I think!

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