Monday, 26 July 2010

2 more tosses completed tonight

I had 1 bird back this afternoon from yesterdays toss so ended up dropping one. The birds were basketed up at 5pm and taken 16 miles with a friend and liberated together. They cleared well and made good time all returning with one being late. They had an hour rest in the loft before being basketed again at 7pm and being liberated at 8.10pm from 20 miles. Again they recorded a good time. Have dropped one but had my doubts about him anyway. It was the one that returned from yesterdays toss and then returned late from the first toss tonight but none get a free ride in this loft and if the team have to do it so to does every pigeon in the loft. If they can't hack the pace then they are free to drop out any time. (With exception of injured pigeons who are given every chance to recover.)
The Europa birds had another toss from 40 miles today and recorded 434th, 493rd and 650th. All 3 still in the race! Think the speed machine has hooked up with a girlfriend who was slacking behind at the back. Think she is leading him a stray! Will have to speak with the loft manager and ask him to put him into isolation so he gets his mind back on the job!! hehehe

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