Thursday, 8 July 2010

2nd Training toss went well!

After the 1st training toss, on counting the birds all had returned safe and well including the 1 that was missing for a short time. I did plan on going to the same place again yesterday but low cloud, strong winds and drizzle in the air I resisted and just had the birds out for a fly later in the evening. Today was a better day all round and I chose to let the birds out for an hour this evening and then basketed the birds and took them training for their second toss. All birds arrived together and trapped very quickly. I was very pleased with the toss. I now plan to take them again tomorrow afternoon and will again take them to the same 6 mile spot. Hopefully they will improve again. At the moment I am looking to be sending to the 3rd race of the season on the 31st July (76 miles) so have a good amount of time to get the birds fully trained up and ready for action.

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