Monday, 19 July 2010

Gutted and Distraught!

I let the youngsters out at 5pm tonight and they flew really well for an hour. I then basketed up 44 for their 5th training toss from 18 miles. I waited and waited and just after 9pm I had 2 come. About 15 minutes later I had another 1. At nightfall these are the only 3 I have had and I am missing 41! To say I am gutted is an understatement. I have never lost more than 5 in any one training toss so to loss the lot is heartbreaking! The weather is not good for tomorrow with heavy rain forecast for most of the day so the chances of them returning is looking rather bleak! My season could well be over before it has even begun. I just have to sit and wait and see what works back! Its going to be a long night I think waiting for the light to come back up!

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