Tuesday, 6 July 2010


The first training toss has come and gone! The birds were taken 6 miles down the road and 46 were liberated together. Upon arrival back at the lofts there was nothing. Then about 1 minute later a blue dropped onto the landing board. It was one of the 10 later bred birds and had only been flying out of the loft about a week. Then about 3 minutes later a group of 5 birds whizzed over the loft and carried on flying. I was starting to get concerned they had been hit by something but as those thoughts raced through my head the main bunch arrived. I believe I have dropped 1. It was the very last youngster I weaned off and to be honest was not ready but I cant wait any longer for the sake of 1 bird. So all in all a pleasing day. I let them out this evening and they will hopefully go to the same place again tomorrow.

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