Monday, 3 May 2010

Disaster of a race but very busy!

Saturday turned out to be a disaster of a race. I sent the 2 hens and the wait for them to return went on and on! I finally got '88' a long time after the expected arrival time. I didn't even bother clocking her. '78' is sadly still missing, and I feel I may have seen the last of this gallant little hen.

This weeks race is from Folkstone, 200 miles and as yet '88' has not been out of the loft since her return. There are 2 Folkstones in a row now, and I will decide Wednesday or Thursday if she will go.

I have been extremely busy this last 4-5 days building my new young bird loft and I am over the moon with it. It is 9 x 9 and when inside looks massive! I have extended the main loft and will put a picture on the site when complete. Its not far off being completed. I have partly blamed Saturdays poor show on all the disruption the week before in and around the loft!

The breeding is going well, with 12 youngsters in the nest and 15 eggs. This should take me up to 59 if all hatch and stay well.

I will update again around Thursday when I will have made a decision about '88' and hopefully be able to report the new section has been completed!

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