Friday, 28 May 2010

Gamble didn'y pay!

Well the gamble to send the cock unfit backfired! He didn't make it back from the race. I knew it was a gamble but thought it 60-40 in his favour and therefore took the risk.
This weeks race from Lillers was flown today due to bad weather forecast for Saturday and as a result it ruined my plans for transport and I was therefore unable to send. However, the birds have been exercised every evening this past week and 'Rasbull Demon' will go to Basingstoke (109 miles) next Saturday and providing she comes well will be jumped into Reims (378 miles), which will be a massive test for her!
The youngsters are doing ok and 40 have now been weaned off. I have another 7 in the nest and currently have 8 eggs in the loft. I plan to continue breeding for a while yet as I want a team of late breds for next years Old bird racing, as I don't ever want to be in the same position as I left myself in my first season in having only 3-4 birds for racing.

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