Monday, 31 May 2010


I returned home from work today at 3.30pm and on the loft was '518' the cock I lost in the Newbury race 10 days ago! He is very thin and flown out. I didn't think I would be seeing this bird again. After giving him a Canker tablet I allowed him into his section and he just about managed to fly up to his box! I thought it was 60-40 when I sent him, and in hindsight I shouldn't have. However, he will soon recover his strength and in a week or so will be back to his old self. This experience will have done him the world of good I am sure and I bet this cock has covered some miles in returning to his home. I will give him 2 weeks and hopefully can get him right for the Basingstoke race which is in 3 weeks time. If this is possible, he will also go 2 weeks later to the final comeback race of the season - again Basingstoke. He has shown great character is returning and will be given every chance to prove himself when fully fit.

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