Saturday, 15 May 2010

Busy day at Rasbull Lofts

With no racing today I took the time to get a lot of jobs done which were in need of doing. Firstly the lofts were all cleaned out and disinfected. Then I set about tweaking the nest boxes as a few were not fitting as I wished. Once this was done the fronts of the nestboxes were added to the stock loft and 3 new pairings were put together. 'Rasbull Trish' has now been paired with 'Rasbull Mr Perfect'. This is a pairing I had planned since purchasing the birds at the Europa Classic last October. But despite being placed together neither appeared interested in pairing up together last February. I am extremely excited about the young birds I will be getting from this pair. Another 5 pairs were also settled down together and I am looking forward to them all sitting in the near future. The young birds went out in the late afternoon and I have now separated them into 2 teams so the younger ones are not bringing down the main team. The youngsters are still not trapping at all well and very slack. This has been happening since the new loft was added and whether the new loft has unsettled them I don't know, but within a week I hope to have this problem well and truly sorted out. Bad trapping will not be tolerated and they are going to learn this very quickly.
'Rasbull Demon' has now been given a box and she has taken to this very well with '518'. She has been racing between 3 sections and this has obviously had an affect on her racing. Now she has a box and paired to a cock I hope she will renew her racing ability which saw her just 2 minutes from winning the club a few weeks back.
'518' the other racing old bird I have in the loft, has now grown back his last 2 end flights and things are looking good to him going to next weeks race from Newbury (97 miles).

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