Friday, 30 April 2010

Hoping for a good day and race!

The forecast is pretty grim for tomorrows race from Guildford, 131 miles. The preparation has gone well this week again and I am pleased with how the birds have been exercising. They received just a single toss from 27 miles on Wednesday and they come well. I put in the same 2 hens this week and will be hoping for a good race. The wind is not in my favour tomorrow and 100% returns will suffice tomorrow. If the birds don't go early, I cant see them going tomorrow and will be heldover, so around 7ish is looking ok for the liberation. 9 members in the club sent tonight and 101 birds have gone. I will update you all on how I get on later tomorrow night when I get back from the club. Good luck to anyone racing tomorrow.

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