Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Work has begun on the new loft!

Phase 4 of the Rasbull Lofts building programme has begun today with the addition of a new 9 x 9ft young bird loft that will join on to the existing racing loft. It will replace a store shed that currently stands on the raised platform. The materials are here and work has started with the floor being built by the close of night. Hopefully things will progress nicely tomorrow and the new loft will start to take shape.
The birds have been exercising really well the last two nights and flying for an hour each night. I am very happy with them at present. I hope to give them a training toss tomorrow from 27 miles and then an hour exercise afterwards.
The race on Saturday has given me some doubts with a strong North wind expected. It is the worst wind I could possibly hope for. If it stays in that direction and the strength is what has been predicted my birds will not stand a chance which is a shame as they are in super form. I would have loved a south wind this week and really felt they would have a great chance. I can only keep my fingers crossed now and hope the forecast is a little misjudged.
Breeding is continue to progress nicely with 30 weaned off, 14 in the nest and 11 eggs in the nest.

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