Saturday, 24 April 2010

Best result since starting back up!

I knew prior to going to the club the 2 race hens were in super form, and they didn't disappoint! They were liberated from Basingstoke, 109 miles at 7.30am. I was confident they would be doing a high velocity and that proved to be correct when at 9.28, '88' came over the top of the house wings back and diving for the loft. I lost a minute or so with her on the trap but on clocking knew I had just timed a good pigeon. On phoning round, it was obvious my bird was in the mix. A short time later '78' rocked up to give me 100% returns.
At knock off, out of the 10 members that sent I finished 4th, and '88' finished 7th out of the 132 birds that were sent. She recorded a velocity of 1627 with 6th place on 1635 and the club winner on 1679. It worked out I was a mere 2 minutes behind the winner, which after last weeks 20 minutes behind showed a huge 18 minutes improvement.
It turned out there was very little wind this morning during the race, so hopefully with the added help of a south wind next week we will be in the mix again!
My best result in the Gurnos club since restarting last year, and I am predicting now, that the further down the road they go, the better my birds and results will be. I am confident of a good race from next weeks Guildford 131 miles.
I plan to follow the same build up the birds received this week and I will be keeping my fingers crossed they come home next week as well as this!

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