Thursday, 22 April 2010

This time their ready!

Prior to last weeks race, the birds were bubbling at the start of the week but dropped their form around the Tuesday. They didnt exercise around the loft very well and were not really 'on it'. This was evident in the race with them being around 20 minutes behind. This week has gone to plan though. I have had the hens exercising with the young birds and 45-60 minutes has been put in every night. I trained them 27 miles Wednesday and they recorded a mile a minute and tonight when they went they come in a time I can only describe as unbelievable and I have some job believing it myself. I wont put up on here what they did but if the details regarding the liberation were correct then they really are on fire! They have been fed tonight and they will leave for the club tomorrow evening. This week really has been perfect preparation and with the forecast of a cracking day and the strong wind direction suiting my loft 100% there will be no excuses if the birds fail to do well this week. I am looking forward to this race more than any other I have flown since starting back up! Watch this space!

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