Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Mixed day

Firstly the 4 race birds were taken on a training toss from 30 miles. They all come back on their own with big spaces between them! A hawk must have hit them and thankfully missed. I was pleased they all returned and will be sent again tomorrow for another training toss. I might consider single tossing them tomorrow and see how they do. I feel this will benefit them no end and will make them have to think for themselves. I hope the weather is good, as this is definitely in my thoughts.
I took the chance to let the youngbirds out tonight, and all were doing fine, until a big Rook/Raven tried attacking them and came very close to grabbing one or two on several occasions. 1 of the young birds flew into my store shed in fright! They were that spooked they flew everywhere and by nightfall I still had 8 of the 22 out. Thankfully they hit the trap just as as was becoming very dark. I am currently 1 missing, although he was on the loft just shortly before. I hope he is still around in the morning.
I Collected another 2 birds from a club mate tonight, so including the 1 that is out for the night, that will take me up to 29 weaned off youngbirds. Hoping to vaccinate the young ones that are weaned off tomorrow evening.

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