Thursday, 15 April 2010

Well the time is nearly here!

Well I can do no more for the race team now! Despite initial plans they have not seen the basket this week and only have been loft flown. The exercise they were putting in Tuesday and Wednesday concerned me as they seemed reluctant to exercise around the loft. I tried something different last night and again this morning they appeared not to be interested in flying. I decided to let them out then this afternoon and they exercised for an hour which pleased me. They entered the loft at 4pm and have been fed for the last time until they return from the race on Saturday. I was really confident they were in super form, but the last few days have raised a few concerns. I have no idea how they will come on Saturday from the 1st race but that is the beauty of pigeon racing! They are going to the clubhouse tomorrow evening so will give you all an update when (if) they return on Saturday morning. I must admit though, they are not in the 100% form I would have wished going into the 1st race.

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