Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Weather not looking good for racing at present!

The weather is pouring down with rain at present. The birds have been stuck in the loft and no exercise has been able to be done. The 5 race birds did have a 40 miles training toss to the Severn Bridge on Monday and weather permitting will have another tomorrow afternoon (Thursday). At present the weather is looking like rain for the weekend so there is a doubt when the birds will be liberated. If they are going to be stuck in the basket for 2-3 days then they will not be sent and will be left in the loft this week with further training and exercise undertaken for the following week. I am not in a rush as the race programme has been changed and its now Newbury (97 miles) this week and next. So its a matter of seeing what the weather brings and hoping there will be a break in it to allow the birds time to race and train.

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